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international air:

international air transport is a matter of Bai Tong advantages of the project, the company and a number of airlines around the world signed a service agreement with EK, TK, PO, EY, UPS, US, AK, ET, TP, CI, PG, BA and other airlines to establish a good working relationship; ensure there is enough storage in Hong Kong, China can arrange flights to and from all over the world services designed to provide customers, simple, safe , fast shipping charge and control cargo service.

today's globalized market, customers are required in the shortest possible delivery time, to reduce the financial pressure on stocks. Our company can provide customers with very competitive price and stable accommodation, providing a full range of air transport services, from delivery, transportation, customs clearance, air, until customs clearance, delivery, experienced team of professionals, each link checks for customers, not only to achieve rapid, safe and convenient, but also to achieve cost-effective optimization.
Globalization in providing door to door service in air import /export process, our company also provides the perfect starting and destination port value-added services. Provision of international air transport, international express delivery, providing the perfect courier inquiry tracking service. Ensure that your inbound and outbound goods in a timely and smooth, safe completion of transport.
Our advantages:
--- Competitive price and high quality air export booking service;
--- Fast customs clearance and inspection services with;
--- Efficient and flexible cargo operations;
--- 24 hours a day seven days a week service
International air import:
Our existing comprehensive network of agents throughout North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Japan and other parts of the world. Our overseas agents are the World Cargo Alliance's top agents, the vast majority of agents are a hundred years. Professional international agent can provide timely pick-up and accurate customs clearance, aviation stowage, and assist overseas factories certificate of origin, fumigation, packaging and a series of overseas business. In providing quality services at the same time, the case of the season or holiday blast tanks, you can set aside space and prioritize urgent arrangement of goods, with maximum efficiency, the safest way to ensure that the goods arrive at the port of destination specified. From the moment of overseas agents to provide forecasts, our import department is ready to declare the country the information needed to ensure that the goods which can be finished Stubbs to the customs /quarantine declaration, in the shortest time to fight the release of the goods.

Our advantages:
--- With the world's leading airlines have a close working relationship;
--- Provides network instant cargo tracking service keeps you cargo movements;
--- Give you the most competitive price;
--- Most rapid global full customization services;
--- Provide value-added goods insurance services


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