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Russia Line We according to customer demand, goods across the country nearest to arrange transportation, choosing the most suitable mode of transport. Such as shipping, port customs port of trade with Russia by sea to Russia - Vladivostok , Orient Harbor, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, etc. , for cargo clearance inspection work, to get the goods corresponding to the health and quarantine inspection certificate, contract of sale , freight forwarding orders and commercial invoices, then with iron sea Intermodal transport to Moscow. We provide clearance documents can prove the normal clearance of goods, inspection, tax and sources of legitimacy in all the territory of the Russian market, shops, supermarkets sold legally.

a, advantage of clearance services:

declaration, customs clearance, all-inclusive one-stop service! We will use your needs and Cargo's actual situation, to provide you with convenient, safe, efficient The whole logistics solutions;

two, Russian pair clearance Aging:

1 , the Russian economy courier (electronic business solutions) : 8 to 15 days or so, you can reach all major cities in Russia , remote cities according to local conditions appropriate to extend the time.

2 , Russia 72 hour Air: Faster than the express line speed transport, within three days after take-off delivery to the door .

3, Russian land LTL line: covering the whole territory of Russia, courier services ,20-25 days to Moscow.

4, Russian Business packet: price, more focused, 10-15 day delivery to Moscow.

5, Russian Business Express: aging fast, high prices, 5-7 days to arrive in Moscow .

6 , Russian Exhibition Logistics: delivery to the exhibition, one way transportation, free exhibits retained to help develop the market .

7 , Russian entire cabinet line: minimum clearance and transportation costs, import and export documents and provide a full range of legal services, 35 to 40 days to Hong Kong .

three , the company's superior service:

1, more secure: According to the Division I single No full tracking , Visualization, gives you real-time transport of goods kept informed of the situation, the first time to avoid risks;

2, more efficient: Air 72 hours , land 20-25 workdays, Economy Express 8-15 days, 10-15 days commercial parcel , commercial courier 5-7 working days FCL 35-40 days.

3, stop: contraband outside, regardless of any commodity, we can assure clearance, domestic delivery, foreign pick!
4, most professional: Company owned There more years of Russian experience in logistics operations and a high quality, efficient and professional operations team to provide customers with one-track services; ;

5 , Good service: different goods according to the customer name, providing the most convenient logistics solutions program, all insurers goods, if the lost goods, adopting Compensation service!


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